Shape Of Your Lips Can Reveal Behaviour of Girls!

Lip Shape

Lip is known as the beautiful part of a woman's body. It reveals many secrets about a person's behaviour and nature. In a survey result, we found that the behaviour and nature of women with different shape of lip changes a lot.

Let's explore the secret about the girl's nature and behavior having different lip shape.

Shape 1: Thick Lip

Thick Lip

Girls with thick lip are fond of attention and flirts alot. If a man is honest then they are after him. The soul of these girls are gentle but they play alot and always seek for attention and love.

Shape 2: Thin lips

Thin lips

These girls are either dangerous or polite in nature. They can make your life miserable one if you ever play with emotions of these girls. These girls want to settle their life and are very strict in nature. If you make them happy then they you can see romance in them. Usually, their nature is very delightful.


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