Shocking! List Of Cricketing $ex Scandal That Shook The World

Cricket is considered to be a gentlemen's game. In a country like ours, cricket is a religion and cricketers are gods of this religion. They are famous, they are gentle but all of them have another side that most of us don't know about. They often make mistake and some times these mistakes become headlines for their off field life. Not just footballers, many cricketers also exposed in $ex scandal.

In this article created a list of cricketers who dented their personal as well as their professional life because of $ex scandal.

Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen is not just a good hitter, but he also have good looks. Kevin is always favourite of girls fan. You may easily find his pictures kissing his girls fan. He came into news when he dumped Big Brother contestant Nimmo who revealed that KP was always $ex hungry.

Mike Gatting

A Popular English cricketer of his time, Mike was accused of molesting a barmaid – Louise Shipman during his stay in Trent Bridge.

Daryl Tuffey

A popular NewZealand fast bowler was taped while having $ex with a sales representative.


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