These Simple Tricks Will Make Your Old Things Look New

With each passing day, a significant number of our things turn old, and we as a whole have closets which are loaded with them. Be that as it may, regardless of what number of spaces they possess we would prefer not to throw them. Here we have accumulated tried ways that will make your old stuff look new.

Copper utensils

Copper utensils To make your copper utensils look new, you simply require salt and vinegar. Simply sprinkle salt at first glance, then pour a little measure of vinegar and rub it overwhelmingly with a sponge.


Plates Removing scratches from plates is simple. All you need is clean which can be used on porcelain and it will remove all the scratches.


Carpet Expelling stains from carpet is not a simple task, but rather it can be turned simple just by making an solution of one part in vinegar and two sections of water. Empty this blend into a showering bottle, then splash the blend on the stain and cover it with a moist fabric. Prepare press on steam mode and place it on material for 30 seconds.


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