These Are The Positions You Should Be Sleeping In For Each Of These Health Problems

Everyone has different sleeping positions according to their comfort. Everything has some positive as well negative aspects. Some love to hit the pillow as soon as go to bed whereas others avoid pillow. Sleeping positions too can create problems sometimes like back pain, joint pain and more other. Here are some positions which can reduce the pain related to health issues :


The people who are suffering from heartburn find it difficult to sleep. It can result in acid entering into esophagus which can give indigestion and insomnia.

How to cure it.

So, to avoid this the best sleeping position is to sleep in an inclined position of on the left side of your body .


It can occur due to vehicle accident or heart attack or due to getting a jerk in the neck during any sports activity or using a stiff pillowetc. This all makes the neck muscles stiff or some times it makes the vertebral(spinal cord) bone unable to move.

How to cure it.

To avoid the neck pain a smooth and comfortable pillow should be used.You should sleep in a straight position, on your back, and if you get severe neck pain then instead of pillow you may use a rolled out towel for the neck support.


It may occur due to any accident or any abdominal disorder. This may be due to ligament pain or slip disc problem. This may make you unable to move can create a problem in sitting or standing or making a step forward or pressurizing on your legs can give you unbearable pain.

How to cure it.

To reduce or avoid the back pain you may use a pillow, if you are having a habit to sleep on your back then you may put one or two pillows under your knees. If you use to sleep on your dorsal position (on stomach) then you may place a pillow under your stomach, and if you prefer tilted position then you may place a pillow in between your knees and move your knees towards your stomach .


Shoulder pain is a common problem. It can be occurred due to any injury on shoulder or sleeping on the similar position for a long time.

How to cure it.

It can be reduced or avoided by not sleeping in the similar position for a long time. Placing a pillow under the shoulder which is having an injury or a natural remedy is to sleep in the opposite position. You can sleep on the other side of the injured shoulder and hug a pillow to give less stress to the injury.


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