Techniques to Identify and Prevent Skin Cancer

It is always necessary to treat our skin with love and care as it is essential for our survival. Our skin bears all the bruises, burns and blisters.

Skin cancer is the most dangerous and is called as melanoma whereas the moles, freckles and birthmarks are the minor problems associated with body. There are always some techniques to identify skin cancer.

"A" is for "Asymmetry"


A normal benign mole is symmetrical in shape and the sides look same when you draw a line across it. Melonoma lesions are irregular in shape and should be checked by doctor.

"B" is for "Border"


The non-cancerous moles have smooth borders and outlines as clearly defined. The melonoma lesion has blurred border and do not have clear shape and it needs to be examined properly.

"C" is for "Color"


A harmless mole is usually a shade of tan brown in color and is consistent throughout. Melanoma lesions are identified by presence of color and shades which could be sign of cancerous spot.


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