This Is What Your Toes Reveal About Your Personality

Do you know that the length and shape of your toe tells a lot about your health and personality.

Big Toe

Big Toe

If your big toe is longer than other toes then you are a creative thinker and clever person. You never get stumped for ideas and see the things from different perspective.

You face problem while concentrating on things. You can perform many tasks simultaneously. You can use your abilities to charm people to go along with your ideas and can delegate the tasks efficiently and effectively.

Second Toe

Second Toe

If your second toe is longer than rest of the fingers then it means you have leadership qualities. According to Indian folklore, many elder ladies stop their son from marrying girls with long second toes because they are highly dominating in nature.

If there is a gap between the second and third toe then you are a very practical person who tries to separate itself from the emotions.

If your second toe is smaller than rest of the finger then it indicates that you like harmony and would never try to bulldoze your way through situations.


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