Trump Changed Obama’s Oval Office Which Will Be Never Same Again

Trump Changed Obama's Oval Office

The minute Trump took the position as the leader of the US on Friday, the White House began witnesses the changes.

The Oval Office was redesigned for Trump, and 'gold curtains' were utilized behind the Resolute desk area, to supplant the red decorations that were presented under Barack Obama's occupancy.

Notwithstanding the new enhancements, the large round carpet from Obama's presidency that highlighted quotes from pioneers, for example, MLK Jr. what's more, four past presidents was also removed.

Its substitution appears to a sunburst gold and golden rug with crown edges designed by Laura Bush during her husband's presidency, as it's been said that Bush requested to have one that shows his feeling of good faith.

President Trump signing the directives.

President Trump signing the directives

The variation was first observed when Trump sat at the Resolute work area to sign the orders on Obamacare and other memoranda in his part as president on Friday night.

The Oval Office resembled this amid the Obama Presidency.

Oval Office resembled

It's a flat out sign that the Republican President Trump will supplant nearly everything identified with the previous President Obama.

Obama's White House photographer Pete Souza.

I like these drapes better than the new ones. Don't you think?

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On Instagram he composed, 'I like these window hangings superior to anything the new ones' Don't you think? Indeed, does it make a difference what the general population of America think now?


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