VIDEO : Epic Reaction By Kohli, When Rahane Survives In DRS

Ajinkya Rahane survives in a close LBW decision with the help of the DRS in the third Test of Paytm series between India and Sri Lanka. Huge shout for lbw and after a discussion, the Sri Lankans have decided to go upstairs.

Fair delivery. Rahane is hit on the back leg just above the knee-roll. Impact: in-line and Wickets: Umpire’s call. The on-field call stays and Rahane survives. It was the quicker off-break with a flatter trajectory and Rahane is on the back foot to whip it away through the on-side.

Failed to make contact as he was late to bring his bat down. Luckily, the on-field call was in his favor. Unfortunately, Rahane didn’t score too much in this innings and caught out on just 10.

Here is the clip of that video:


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