These Wildlife Zoos Allow Animals To Visit ‘Caged Humans’

A zoo is an establishment or facility where animals are confined within a park or gardens, for study, conversation, display to the public, or breeding purpose. We are all are familiar with this definition.

But with changing time, many countries have changed this custom. These countries banned confined of animals within boundaries or taking animals away from their natural habitat. But you still can see or study these animals and for this, they are using a unique method. Check out what these countries are doing.

Lehe Ledu Wildlife:

Lehe Ledu Wildlife zoo in China is the first to use this method. They have swapped the normal place of animals and humans in the zoo. Here animals are allowed to visit 'Caged Humans'. The visitors are driven through the park in cages.

Bear inspects a yellow bus:

A bear at the zoo in China inspects a bright yellow sight-seeing bus as it trundles through the enclosure.


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