Woman Posts About The Reality Of Stay-At-Home Moms; Goes Viral On The Internet!

"You are a housewife, so what do you do all day?"- this is the most common question a married woman who chooses to remain at home hear almost every day. A mother from Florid, Ryshell Castleberry get tired of hearing this phrase constantly. One day Ryshell decided to answer this question and wrote a powerful post on Facebook.

Her post was a tribute to all housewives and was "liked" over 656,000 times. You must read it to know what housewives do all the day./

She imagined a situation

She imagined a conversation between a husband and his psychologist.

In imagined situtaion the man is compalining-'My wife doesn't work'

This is the assumption all husbands have about their wives.

A long lists of tasks a housewife perform.

And this is list does not end here.


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