This Woman Sprays Alcohol On Her Bed. She Can’t Believe What She Finds On Her Bed!!

People consider alcohol as bad thing and we should not have it. It has got ill effects for health but it has got many benefits at home.

The alcohol has got many uses but commonly it is used for disinfection. People use alcohol for hair cleaning. It is necessary to learn the benefits of using alcohol.

It helps to get rid of bed bugs

The bed bugs are irritating and unhealthy. It is dangerous to ignore them. You can get rid of nasty pests through rubbing alcohol. Fill a bottle of alcohol and spray it on mattress and pillow to get rid of bed bugs.

Replace Deodorant

If you are on vacations and forget to carry your deodorant then need not worry. You can use alcohol as a deodorant which will kill germs and bacteria causing bad smell.

It can work as cool pad

If you keep alcohol in the freezer then it won't turn into ice. It can be used as a cold thick mass so there is no need to buy cooling pad. Put 1 part of alcohol and 2 parts of water in a plastic bag and rest it for an hour. It can be used as a thick cooling pad to heal any injury.


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