This Woman Turns Into Kylie Jenner To Show The Power Of Makeup

You might hate them, but the Kardashian-Jenner clan is a craze amid people on the internet. Maybe the show Keeping up with Kardashians was over long back but their media stir hasn't. Here is a girl Shivani Sharma who tells via her video blog, how she can look like Kylie Jenner using only makeup. Her motive is to remind people that a lot of work goes into looking that flawless and thus, natural beauty should be appreciated more.

Meet Shivani.

Isn't she looking quite pretty already? She does make-up tutorials on her Youtube Channel but in this video, she suggests how people should not binge on make-up to look like their celebrities and should be realistic instead. Here is what she does to transform herself.

Starts with the concealer.

She is applying concealer to the required areas on a clean face which are not so perfect, yet it can be applied over all for a more consistent look. The artist is Ashley Harris and she also has her own Youtube Channel, just like Shivani.

Next step, foundation.

The artist then applies foundation on the spot areas of Shivani's face using fingers and then, she used a sponge to evenly spread it. Always used a foundation which is closest to your skin tone as it will only give a natural look. Extra coverage on the spots are going to diminish them.

Now, she began with the eye concealer.

Eye concealer is helpful in diminishing the dark circles under the eyes. It gives a healthy glow and doesn't make you look tiresome. then. powder is applied to set the makeup in.


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