11 Everyday Things You Have Been Using In Wrong Way!

We are not aware of the simple fact that household items are used for different purposes. There are many household item which lies in our house and seem that it is used for only one purpose. But, there are instructions written at the back of the product which we ignore to read.

But, here are interesting instructions which you are not aware of. You can scroll down to get the interesting tips.

Do You Know That There is A Tiny Hole in Home Foil Box

Foil Box

This tiny hole helps to maintain the roll when you pull out the sheet out of the box. Due to this, the full roll is not required to pull out of the box as the tiny hole will hold the roll.

Are You Aware That You Can Always Use The Lid Of Jelly As Spoon?


You can use the lid of the jelly as spoon. Simply tear it and twist it so that it can be used like a spoon.

Keep The Peanut Butter Upside Down

peanut butter upside down

Always keep the peanut butter upside down because it will spread the grease and will be distributed.

Confused? Use Right One for Toilet Seats and Right one For Sinks

sink cleaner


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